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Your time is precious, but for over 40 years traditional drug testing never got that memo. We took a people-first approach and rethought the process to take minutes, not weeks so you can put your time where it matters.

Our eMed® Proctored Virtual Experience is built for people like you.

Our virtual, proctored drug screening shortens the drug testing cycle, eliminates scheduling, and gives you the control you need for your modern workforce.

Time for a smarter solution

Stop losing candidates to an outdated process.

Our new drug screening solution is an absolute game-changer.

eMed Screen™ delivers proctored virtual drug screenings 24/7, allowing you to save time and sign candidates before anyone else beats vou to it.

Here's how eMed Screen™ works:

  • Simply order a screening for your candidate on our web portal. Candidates usually receive screening kits in 1-2 days. You'll be notified when it arrives.
  • The candidate completes the drug screening while guided by a live proctor to ensure the test is administered properly.
  • Results are instantaneous, allowing you to simply check the # @$!% box.