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What are the advantages of oral fluid testing?

Oral fluid testing with eMed®:

  • Eliminates the need for controlled collection sites
  • No need for same-sex collectors
  • Prevents tampering and fraud
  • Minimally invasive means of drug testing
How does the eMed® Proctor know that the specimen collection step is complete?

The saturation indicator window of the collection swab will turn bright red to ensure sufficient oral fluid has been collected.

What are the differences between drug screening and confirmation?

Screening refers to a preliminary test that yields a qualitative “Positive or Negative” result. Screening can be conducted with a rapid test or using laboratory instrumentation (EIA, EMIT). Both rapid tests and lab screens use the same testing technology, called immunoassay technology. Screening technology is non-specific in that it does not differentiate among the drug class. For example, a positive OPIATE result only indicates that there is some opiate present. It does not indicate whether it is hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine (Tylenol 3), heroin, or a combination of these. Confirmation testing utilizes high-complexity instrumentation that yields a definite and specific result. The best practice for confirmation testing involves using either a GC/MS or LC-MS/MS. The results of a confirmation test provide an absolute and definite result that indicates the specific drug/compound present in the urine or oral fluid sample. LC-MS/MS results are defensible in court.

How do I place a bulk order?

Fill out a contact form through the Help Center to contact one of our sales rep for more information!

When will my order arrive?

Next business day delivery for orders processed and approved by 4 p.m. ET Monday - Thursday

*We are not able to deliver to a P.O. box. Orders approved Friday – Sunday will be processed the following Monday

*Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) delivery is not currently available

**Holidays may impact delivery times.

What are eMed's hours of operation?

eMed® is online 24/7 to support your testing needs. There is no appointment necessary, our Proctors and customer service specialists are trained to serve you at all times.

Why is a proctor necessary?

eMed’s Proctors help ensure the virtually guided testing sessions are properly administered, and results are read correctly so both the individual user and the employer can be confident in the results.

Anyone who administers their test without an eMed® Proctor will be ineligible to receive an eMed® lab results of their result.

What is OralTox®?

OralTox® is a lateral flow immunoassay, rapid oral fluid drug test manufactured by Premier Biotech. The OralTox® test provides results in less than seven minutes, identifying the absence or presence of illicit drugs.

What is proctored oral fluid drug testing?

Oral fluid drug testing offers a minimally invasive, observed collection to detect recent drug use. With eMed®, a proctor oversees the donor as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimens, reducing the likelihood of tampering or cheating as well as a donor challenge later in the drug testing process.

What is the detection window of fluid drug testing?

OralTox® offers near-immediate detection of drugs in as little as two hours after ingestion.

Is the OralTox® device FDA 510(k) cleared?

Yes – Premier Biotech was granted 510(k) clearance for OralTox®, its flagship, patented rapid oral fluid drug screen device, on February 2, 2018, for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, and PCP. On September 20th, 2018, Premier Biotech Inc. was granted a 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for two additional oral fluid assays, Oxycodone and Methadone. In total, OralTox® has 510(k) clearance for in vitro diagnostic use including point-of-care sites for the following 8 drugs: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone, and Phencyclidine. The drug cutoffs are listed below.

How does eMed confirm a presumptive positive (Non negative / in colnclusive Test result from the OralTox test?

eMed® will coordinate with the donor to find the earliest availability at a local laboratory for a confirmation test. The confirmation test scheduled date and the final result will both be available in the eMed® Admin Portal.