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For admins.

Managing the day-to-day tasks of human resources or hiring is daunting. The last thing you need to add to your list of to-do's is a cumbersome task rooted in archaic methods. Traditional drug screening not only creates unnecessary scheduling hassles and security concerns, it keeps you from using your time effectively to help your company grow.

At eMed Screen™, we're giving you the control you need - and the help you deserve — all in one simple, elegant, and easy-to-use portal.

No scheduling needed


Easy ordering

Hire talent faster

Random testing

Immediate results

Complete chain of custody

Safe & secure

Customized for your needs

Concierge service


For managers.

The best managers remove obstacles in the way of their team’s success. If one of those obstacles happens to be wasted time, low productivity, or better margins
then eMed® Screen is the drug screening solution you’ve been looking for.

No downtime

No loss of productivity

Stay onsite

Easier to manage

Better experience for your team


For everyone.

Let's face it: the thought of getting drug tested is daunting. From the corner office to the factory floor it has historically created anxiety, frustration, and at times embarrassment for everyone who participates. To us, that's unnecessary. Our goal was to create a more elegant solution that respected everyone's time - and dignity.

No unnecessary travel

No lost time

No confusion

Less anxiety

No more waiting


For the bottom line.

Time is money, as they say. Luckily, eMed Screen™ drives value directly to the bottom line by giving you back both: time, and money. Looking at the cost of testing, it's clear that what you're paying for with traditional testing is a LOT more than just the test.

Lower cost per test

Less downtime

Less workflow disruptions

Less travel

Less hiring delays

Lower fees

Bulk savings

Are you a TPA?

Get onboard with the latest industry trends of oral fluid testing and virtual services. By partnering with eMed Screen™ you can provide a unique, cost-effective, and streamlined experience to your customers