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Drug screening

made simple

Whether you're administering the test or taking it, eMed Screen™ is designed to be as efficient and easy as possible.


Hire talent faster.

In today's market, it's crucial to attract and retain the best talent. Not only does eMed® provide the speed to do so, but it also offers a VIP experience for your candidates and employees while eliminating drug testing delays for you and your hiring managers.

No one should have their hiring decisions held hostage by lab backlogs.


Onboarding and retaining

Regardless of your use case, we can help.

Potential Hire

Identify a candidate & place an order

No need to schedule an appointment.

Candidate receives test

Open, scan and start from anywhere!

Candidate completes session

The cordial experience improves your brand.

Candidate cleared to work

Congrats! You just beat out the competition.

1-2 days

Random Testing

eMed selects employee(s) & orders

Our Portal removes bias and adds simplicity.

Employee receives test unannounced

Get more accurate, and timely results.

Employee completes session

Most tests will likely result in a return to work.

Employee cleared to work

Hooray! No anxiety. No lost time. No waits.

1-2 days